Immerse yourself
in the adventure of a lifetime.

Unlike any other shark dive, this daring – yet safe – plunge
to the bottom of our exhibit will let you interact with
5 different species of sharks, sea turtles, giant groupers,
stingrays and hundreds of other amazing sea creatures.

Package includes:

  • 7-day aquarium access
  • Behind-the-scenes tour
  • Educational program in the “Shark Lab”
  • Guided SCUBA dive
  • USB with a personalized video of your dive

Daily dive times based on interest



Whether you’re excited about Diving with the Sharks or nervous about the adventure, you’re sure to have questions – everyone does. In fact, here are some of our most frequently asked questions (and their answers) to put your mind at ease.

Q: Can I use my own dive gear?
A: The only equipment you may provide yourself is your dive mask. All other gear will be provided by UnderWater World. We have this policy both in place for your safety and the safety and health of our animals. If you are a diver with a disability, please let us know when you register and we will work with you to make sure you are accommodated.

Q: I want to bring my camera to record my adventure! Is that OK?
A: We cannot allow cameras inside the exhibit tank. If you would like to have your camera along while you are out of the water, that’s fine. However, please keep in mind, we are an aquarium and you will be behind the scenes in the “splash zone.” You are welcome to have family or friends take photos or video of you during your dive from inside the tunnel, and our videographers will be filming your adventure from inside the aquarium. You will receive an edited copy of that video on a USB thumb-drive within 24 hours of your program. This video is included in the price of your dive!

Q: I had to answer “Yes” on the health form but I still want to dive. Is that possible?
A: Just take the Medical Clearance form to your doctor with the Medical Questionnaire form, have your doctor sign the form, and bring it with you on your dive date and you will be good to go!

Q: Can my friends who don’t dive come to the aquarium with me?
A: Yes, your friends and family members can purchase admission tickets and watch from inside the tunnel through the aquarium. They can take pictures and watch you dive once admitted into the aquarium.

Q: Do I have to be a certified diver?
A: No. We are now offering PADI Discover SCUBA programs for anyone who can swim!

Q: What if I am a certified diver, but one of my companions is not?
A: The program is slightly different for certified divers from the program for non-certified divers. If a certified diver wants to join a program for non-certified divers, the program will follow the non-certified diving protocols.

Q: Do I need to bring a towel?
A: No, towels will be provided.

Q: Is there a place to shower?
A: We have two dive locker rooms available for your use and we will provide soap and shampoo. There are three showers in both the men’s and women’s locker rooms. You are welcome to bring your own shower shoes.

Q: Is there a safe place to keep my jewelry or wallet while I’m in the water?
A: UnderWater World will not be responsible for any valuables brought to the aquarium. Separate guest lockers with private keys are provided. Your program guide will be happy to hold your key for you while you dive.

Q: How long is the Dive With the Sharks experience?
A: It takes about two and a half hours from start to finish.

Q: How far in advance should I schedule my dive?
A: Because we can only take a very small number of divers in a day, you should schedule as far in advance as possible. We require at least 24 hours notice to make sure all the elements are in place for your adventure.

Q: What if I’m the only diver to sign up for the day?
A: We require a minimum of two divers to run a dive. If you booked as a solo diver, please make sure the contact information you give us is correct. That way, if we need to reschedule your dive to meet the minimum diver requirement, we can notify you. You can expect about 48 hours notice if we will need to reschedule your dive, although you are welcome to call us and check on the status of your dive any time.

Q: Are the sharks dangerous?
A: While our sharks are wild animals, we have designed our program to be very safe for our guests, our staff, and the animals. We have rules in place for your protection and our staff will end the dive if they have any safety concerns. In over 10 years of nearly daily diving in our shark tank, we have had no serious injuries to any divers. Please let us know if you are worried about your safety and we will discuss our precautions in more detail with you.

Q: Is it a problem if I am menstruating?
A: No.

Q: Can I dive if I fly out the next day?
A: PADI recommends waiting at least 12 hours before flying after a single dive. Please consult your certifying dive agency guidelines if you are doing multiple dives or would like more information.

Q: I don’t like wearing a wetsuit. Can I just dive in my swimsuit or dive skin?
A: Divers are required to wear the provided wetsuit. This is a safety requirement.

Q: What is the water temperature?
A: Water temperature in our exhibit is normally around 25C or 77F.

Q: How deep is the dive?
A: Twelve feet or approximately 4 meters maximum.

Q: What kind of animals will I see on my dive?
A: You will see five different species of sharks, three kinds of stingrays, guitarfish, giant groupers, green sea turtles, and a host of tropical reef fish – we have around 1,500 animals in our main exhibit!

Still have questions? No problem! Feel free to email us at uww@aquariumteam.com.

Guest Policy

If you’re interested in our Dive with the Sharks (DWS) program, we ask that you make online reservations at least 24 hours in advance. However, we may need to adjust your dive day in order to meet our minimum two-diver requirement. Even if you’re not a certified SCUBA diver, you can register for a dive – provided you’re at least 18 years or older and are able to swim.*

*Advanced dives are available for certified SCUBA divers.

IMPORTANT: Prior to each dive, certified divers will be required to show their SCUBA Certification Card and everyone will be asked to present a PHOTO ID.

The following list may help provide a better understanding of our policies and expectations:

  1. Guests may not participate in the DWS program until they have signed the downloadable Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk waiver(s).
  2. Guests may not participate until they have signed a downloadable PADI Medical Questionnaire Form and/or a completed Medical Clearance form signed by a physician.
  3. Any guest that the Dive Instructor feels cannot safely dive will not be allowed to dive. The following examples may end a guest’s participation:
    • Intoxication or hangover
    • Illness, such as a cold
    • Physical injury
    • Inappropriate behavior
  4. UnderWater World will provide all gear necessary for the DWS program.
  5. All guests are required to wear an exposure suit, beanie, and buoyancy compensation device provided by UnderWater World. Masks and fins will also be provided, however guests may bring their own mask.
  6. All guests will follow the instructions and directions of the Dive Instructor or Instructor during the dive.
  7. All guests will check their dive gear before proceeding with the dive.
  8. Guests will dive conscientiously in an effort to prevent contact with the tunnel acrylic.
  9. At no time will a guest enter an overhead area of the aquarium.
  10. No guest will descend without the direction of the Dive Instructor.
  11. No guest will move any portion of the exhibit decor.
  12. At no time will a guest be permitted to grab or hold any animal.
  13. Guests will move to the exhibit exit when directed by the Dive Instructor.




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